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After completing the semester, I have attempted and accomplished taking different tools and concepts and applying them to my future career goals. It is evident how crucial technology plays in my desired ndustry. The media is drastically changing and will continue to change throughout the future years to come. 

There are multiple new media platforms that are being used by not only traditional forms of media but advertising, PR, and broadcasting professionals are instilling these platforms in their careers as well. Today, a majority of individuals get their news delivered through social media platforms.  Many companies are hiring other social media companies to monitor and maintain their social media sites. Nobox Creative is a perfect example of a consultant company that monitors and maintains other companies social media sites. It is crucial that companies break through fragmentation and avoid clutter and by hiring these companies, brands are being more noticeable among their target market. Prior to social media, individuals wanting to find out about a company or brand usually find this information through traditional platforms such as TV or radio, but today we go directly to the companies social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Also, companies are using social media to communicate to their audience when dealing with crisis. Many organizations today are seeing the importance for companies and news corporations to deal with a crisis plan immediately via social media. It is crucial that they must be the first to address it instead of waiting for rumors to spread throughout these mediums. Instead of having a crisis management plan, companies are hiring PR professionals to closely monitor social media cites and to correctly address social media crisis’. Advertisers are now using different platforms to target a particular audience. From my own experience, I will be browsing through Facebook and an ad directly related to me regarding my own life will be located on the right side of my page. It’s amazing how companies are able to directly target one specific audience. Two different people may be watching a TV show but the commercials may be altered depending on the individuals psychographics and demographics. I believe that advertising will continue to be more targeted within the years to come. With thousands of ads that we are exposed to per day, companies have to avoid clutter and stick out to their audience. Broadcasting professionals are using new platforms to communicate with their audiences as well. For example, Sarah Jones, a professor in England came to visit us and give us insight on how she tapes video and shares them via the internet almost instantaneously. Everything that she uses to shoot and edit was located in her purse. She explained how easy it has been to create something professional and share it to viewers on the internet. New media platforms will continually aid companies and professionals in their careers. 

There are numerous new media concepts and terms that we have discussed this semester but a couple were applicable to me. According to an internet safety article which provides multiple statistics regarding cyberbullying, only 7% of U.S. parents are worried about cyberbullying, even though 33% of teenagers have been victims of cyberbullying. I am currently taking an interpersonal communication class and the statistics are overwhelming, stating how much more is said to individuals over a technology device compared to a face-to-face interaction. With roughly 85% of youth ages 13-17 having a social media account, it is imperative that this type of bullying be controlled. In my law class last semester, we discussed how young children are taking their lives because they are being bullied online. This type of bullying must stop and we must educate young children the precautions of this type of act. Privacy is also raising concerns especially when focusing on young children. Belynn and Brianna provided a great infographic supporting multiple facts of young children on the web. The idea of privacy is ideal yet it is far more in depth than sitting beside a computer screen. Every online move we make on the internet leaves footprints. Does the internet have any aspect of privacy? We reveal so much about ourselves through social media and even job employers take this into consideration. During my interview, my employer asked what type of social media platforms I used. This shows how cautious we must be when posting on our personal accounts. Lastly, social media is drastically changing the way we think of crowdsourcing. Social media is believed to become an important component to crowdsourcing because it is allowing companies to reach a wider audience not only faster but cheaper as well. 

Prior to starting the semester, I thought I was a tech savvy student but after completing the class I have learned about different tools that will help me be successful in the future. I have learned how to correctly use Twitter professionally. Yes, it may be a social tool used to communicate with friends and family but it has truly opened the doors and provided so much insight to myself and to my future career. Following other professionals and companies and tweeting new media content daily allowed me to learn multiple different aspects of social media. I have also found how important it is to know how to use Hootsuite. Being a very important social media organization tool, you are able to use it personally or more commonally, business related. You are able to track different social media sites at once, schedule tweets, and even analyze social media traffic. Knowing this tool, I will use it in my future career and it will benefit me positively. Another tool I found to be equally interesting was Google Glass. How fortunate are we as a class to be some of the very first students to have hands on experience with Glass. Although I would not define myself as an early adopter, I think the people that will be purchase Glass will be happy with the different options that Glass has to offer. Another tool that I found very intriguing was KickStarter. This website allows people to share different ideas and could potentially bring projects to life. Crowdemand, which was just recently released, is very similar to Kickstarter. It allows designers to connect with their consumers. LinkedIn was always a tool that was highly talked about in my media classes. It allows you to share what you have done in the past with potential employers. Many companies use LinkeIn and highly recommend having a personal account. Last but not least we learned how Pinterest can be used for the promotion of businesses. Prior to the class, I thought that Pinterest was used only for personal usage but it’s a great way for businesses to show case their work.

Everything that has been learned throughout the semester has and will continue to impact our society. We are able to easily connect with everyone around us instantaneously. Although there are many different positive effects of new media, we have learned that there are aspects that effect it negatively as well. There is fear about privacy rights and the concerns over cyberbulling. My biggest fear for our society is the heavy reliance we have on our social devices. How much have we missed out on due to being glued to our phones? Also, I have learned that new media entails more than just social media but different tools and advancements that continually emerge. We are able to experience a man jumping off out of space due to the GoPro camera and a man who can hear color due to the advancements by Google Glass. No matter what, new media is changing at a rapid rate and us as future professionals in this field must embrace the changes and instill them in our careers. 


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