Never ending technology

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere


Trying to define New Media is almost impossible. It’s something that is constantly changing. It’s available any time, anywhere, and on different media platforms. It involves user feedback and includes consumer participation. Today, media has become more interactive and engaging.

Past and Present:

Looking at how history has changed is remarkable. We have evolved into something that was probably once unimaginable. Newspapers and magazines are now all offered online and are now more interactive toward consumers. Information is now released through Twitter and Facebook. TV is not able to keep up with current news before individuals such as ourselves our posting posts or tweets on social media websites. Technology is changing so quickly, it is impossible to predict what media will arise in the upcoming years. Today, websitess such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are growing at a remarkable rate. Advertiser’s are taking advantage of this and hope to engage the consumers using these websites. According to an article on CNBC, the United States spent 121 billion minutes on social m edia sites in July 2012 alone. That is 388 minutes- or 6- 1/2 hours per person. All together, that’s 230,060 years we spend staring at a screen. I imagine this will only increase with time.


Looking at these statistics, it’s almost frightening to think what social media will look like in 5 years. When is enough, enough? Has social media taken over our lives as individuals? According to Nielsen, the time we spend on social media and apps via cellphone has increased 63% in 2012. Looking at these astound stastics, I start to wonder if we as individuals have changed socially. A conversation between 2 people has evolved into something completely different. Individuals are not meeting online…who would of thought this 20 years ago? I hope social media doesn’t evolve into something that over takes our lives. We must remain focused on ourselves before spending countless hours staring at a computer.


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