Trendy Trends



There are multiple trends in social media. These trends are constantly changing and progressing. There is no telling where social media will be in 3 months, let alone 3 years. Technology is always changing, making it difficult yet exciting to be in the media field. According to Social Media Examiner, there are 7 different social media trends.


The most interesting social media trend and one that affects me personally, Twitter has emerged as the most powerful driver of “social TV interaction.” At anytime, one is able to go to Twitter and look up a particular TV hashtag, and find multiple information regarding that TV show. It has allowed the audience to use Twitter to share their thoughts and ideas with friends and family. Advertiser’s have taken advantage of this and engage in more consumer interaction.


Advertiser’s are seeing the growth in Twitter and are not placing hashtags at the end of the commercial. For example, the popular Kmart commercial has gone viral through different social platforms. According to the YouTube video, that was recently released, it already has over 12 million views. This is a prime example when videos are shared through media platforms, they can go viral quickly and the audience can be targeted.


According to Social Media Examiner, Consumers are using social media as an outlet for intaking news stories. Consumers’ experiences (70%); find more information about brands, products and services (65%); and compliment brands (53%). I know personally, I heard about the Boston Marathon tragedy as well as the West, Texas explosion. Individuals don’t have to read the newspaper nor watch the news to get the story. It’s all offered through these media platforms. We tend to think of social listening something only marketers possess but in reality, consumers are the active listeners and advertiser’s are trying to engage the consumer knowing this particular information.




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