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According to Social media Examiner, the survey found that consumers are increasingly looking to their smartphones and tablets to access social media.

While the PC is still the most widely used device when it comes to social media consumption, the study found that time spent on mobile apps and mobile websites accounted for a 63% increase (compared to 2011) in total time spent. (Social Media Examiner)

Hours upon hours are spent on phones. With Facebook, Email, Twitter, and Texting, phones have consumed our lives.


Advertiser’s are taking full advantage of the increase in usage of mobile phones. Placing Ads on Apps such as Pandora or games such as Candy Saga have allowed advertiser’s to engage themselves in our daily lives. Advertiser’s are fully aware that Mobile usage will only continue to grow. This arises a problem however, that advertiser’s will be faced with fragmentation. There are so many different platforms through our mobile devices, it’s hard from an Advertiser’s standpoint to target their audiences.


According to Points and Figures, there are 5 mobile advertising trends. Each of these deal closely with mobile devices.

  1. Mobile shopping ads will be increasingly local.
  2. Local mobile advertising networks will emerge supporting large and small retailers
  3. Content distributor networks will facilitate small merchant exposure
  4. Native local advertising through Facebook and Twitter will expand
  5. Advertisers will focus on local customer engagement as the measure of ad effectiveness

From a money standpoint, there has been a sharp increase of money spent on Mobile Advertising from 2010-2015. Advertiser’s see the potential and will continue to take advantage of Mobile Advertising.



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