Are Social Games the next Advertising frontier?



Increase in Social Game advertising:

Recently, there has been a significant increase in Ad spending on social gaming. There are many factors believed to have caused this increase. Ad spending has increased 60% since 2009, according to eMarketer. Advertisers are realizing that millions are spending their time playing social games and they see the potential of capturing this audience. Social Game Media offers clients the ability to reach customers across the full spectrum of online advertising channels. This website is very accessible and offers different types of campaigns and clients.


Social gaming advertising offers advertisers to better track down how much engagement they are getting when the audience is playing a particular game. With TV and print, it is very difficult to target who the ad is affecting. With social gaming there are surveys and other features that allow advertisers to gage this.


Some social games have a bigger audience than prime time TV. Farmville for example, had 30 million players per day. Not to mention most social games are becoming free to play, it is capturing a larger audience. Games are also becoming easier to learn and very basic which allows the target market to broaden.


Brands are now becoming part of the game. For example, Old Navy launched themselves in a game called, It Girl, and players were able to purchase clothing within the game. “They’ve very much integrated their brand into the game experience,” Wexler said about the integration.


Who doesn’t like awards? With social gaming, advertisers are offering different types of prizes. Either, free give aways or other various awards that attract the audience to spend more time on these games.




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