Future of Magazines and Newspapers

magazines and newspapers

Magazines and Newspaper advertising remain very popular among different types of entities. According to our media sheets, they’re many advantages to Magazine advertising as well as Newspaper advertising. Along with these advantages, disadvantages also play a role when advertising.

Advantages/Disadvantages to Magazines:

First off, magazines are very targeted and tend to market to a niche audience. Also with the ability to use color and creativity it broadens the horizon for a stronger, more catchy advertisement. Magazines also allow flexibility, involvement, and services. With these unique features it is easier to measure the audience of a particular magazine. Although magazines have their advantages, it is very expensive to advertise in magazines. Clutter and lead time are also factors when dealing with the negativity of magazine advertising.

Advantages/Disadvantages to Newspapers: 

According to the Newspaper Media sheet, locally, newspapers are able to run without much competition. This is very different from other mediums who are facing clutter and competition within their medium. Also, newspapers tend to be more communitive in small towns. Unfortunately, they’re many disadvantages to newspapers. I believe the biggest is it’s becoming very outdated. Subscriptions are quickly decreasing and the content isn’t as interesting and up to date as other mediums may be. It also is believe to be static and environmentally negative. Who owns the media, is a great website to look at. In the link, it shows the top newspaper companies and other various information that can help when focusing on advertising.

Measurement Company:

Both magazines and newspapers are measured by the Audit Bureau of Circulations. According to their website, ABC is a “not-for-profit membership organization that exists for the benefit of advertisers and the media they use. How do they do it?  “AAM connects advertisers, advertising agencies and publishers to discuss challenges, successes, issues and trends in the media industry.” This business has been around for many years and continues to be very successful and helpful to advertisers.


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