Future of OOH


Recently, we have focused much of our attention on OOH advertising (AKA Out-Of-Home). This includes billboards, street furniture, transit, and alternatives. Out-Of-Home advertising is a fast growing industry. According to Brad Tully, President of Choice Media, OOH advertising is growing at an astonishing 8.2% increase per year. OOH advertising comes in second to Internet which is growing at a rate of 11% per year. More importantly, digital advertising is growing significantly. Digital advertising can be found in large cities such as Dallas, LA, New York, etc. Unfortunately, Amarillo does not allow digital advertising due to different regulations that the city has put in place. Personally, I believe that digital advertising could potentially be very successful in this area.


OOH advertising intrigues me due to the abundant amount of creativity that can be done within this form of advertising. Large audiences can be reached and frequency is at an all time high. Also, the flexibility of creating an advertisement is endless.  According to an article on Ad Age, James Rubin discusses how brands are making out-of-home the entry point for consumer engagement. Their goal is to make these advertisements more engaging for the consumers. 

Targeting the Audience

Recently, TV and radio are having a difficult time knowing how to target an audience. With DVR and other programs, it is difficult for advertiser’s to find a way to reach their audience. With OOH advertising, driver’s do not have the option of fast forwarding a billboard. It will be very interest to see how this type of advertising will change in the upcoming years. I believe it will only become more successful and potentially by-pass Internet advertising.

The picture below is an interesting chart of how Digital Advertising has evolved.



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