Decisions Decisions Decisions


Keys to Success: 

According to the textbook, there are three keys to success when working in local media. The first, matching media with markets, focuses on the planner’s goal to find the perfect media match. Secondly, the local market profile, focuses creating a complete local market profile. This is a lengthy process but is worth it in the end. Finally, research on a local level, covers the research aspect. The planner will take information and judgement and combine into a plan that will be success for the client.

Local Media Sources:

There are many options for advertiser’s in this area to advertise their business or product. TV, magazines, newspapers, radio, internet, and out-of-home (billboards, bus benches, stadium signage, etc) summarizes the local media sources that can be used when targeting audiences. For example, Choice Media Advertising is a local business who focuses on billboards in areas such as Amarillo, Lubbock, Odessa, Midland, and Clovis. 

Local Market Analysis:

According to Amarillo Economic Development, there are many businesses that are considered the top employers in this local market. Bell Helicopter, Tyson Food, Hastings, Atmos Energy, and AT&T are just a few.

There are 5 different top industries according to AED.

Aviation/Aerospace, Business & Financial Services, Diversified Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, and Food Technologies.

Demographics and Psychographics

After surfing through the website, the local population has increased significantly. In 1990 the population was 196,144. In 2010 the population increased to 246,859. The male population from 1990 was estimated to be 94,442 and increased to 123,286 in 2010. The female population also increased. In 1990, the female population was 101,702 in 1990 and 123,573 in 2010. Race is heavily white with an overall increase in hispanics. Also marital status has changed over the years. Looking at the graph it appears that there are is an increase in divorces as well as marriages. The website also provides information regarding educational attainment. Unfortunately, grades K-8 is projected to have a decrease from 2010 to 2015. Fortunately, College Graduate degrees have increased at a percent of 45.90 from 1990-2000. Overall, I believe the local economy is growing in a positive direction. The population, marriage rates, and educational attainment are overall positive.

Connecting the market:

Out-of-home: Choice Media

Medium: Sakura

Advertiser: A billboard is usually successful when placed with food advertisements. Choice media can offer a billboard very close to the restaurant so individuals who drive see the billboard and are instantly drawn to this place. Also, a billboard is almost describes as a “point-of-purchase.” The billboard tells the audience exactly where the restaurant is.

Newspaper: Amarillo Globe News

Medium: Real Estate

Advertiser: Usually Real Estate companies have lengthy information to tell their target audiences. The newspaper is a successful way of telling audiences their message as well as sharing pictures of properties that may be for sale. The target audience will usually look in the paper for ads such as these.

Magazine: Amarillo Magazine

Medium: Bridal Company

Advertiser: The magazine is a perfect place to target a niche market. Because of this, the Bridal Company will be able to target their particular audience. Usually brides who are looking to get married search for ideas and ways to make their perfect day even better. The Amarillo Magazine is able to provide much information as well as pictures.

Radio: 93.1

Medium: Midnight Rodeo

Advertiser: 93.1 has a very niche audience and are able to provide short and quick information to their audience. The individuals who go to midnight rodeo usually are around the same age of the individuals who listen to 93.1. Although midnight rodeo may be targeted as a country bar, the “Piranha room” targets another crowd.

TV: KFDA Channel 10

Medium: Cake Company

Advertiser: Since the Cake Company is not targeting a niche market, they need to attract a large audiences. Channel 10 is the leading market share in Amarillo. This channel ensures that the ad will be watched by many different audiences and therefore is the best option for the Cake Company.




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