Endless Advertising

According to the text book, there are three primary job functions when buying and selling media. Each are equally important and both the buyer and seller are in search of success.

  • Media Planning (How to translate the plan into a success)
  • Media Buying (Buying specific media that will effectively deliver to the audience)
  • Media Sales (Represent the media to the media buyers)

In class, we have focused much of our attention on the media buying aspect of advertising. Specifically, OOH advertising (AKA Out-Of-Home). This includes billboards, street furniture, transit, and alternatives. Out-Of-Home advertising is a fast growing industry. According to Brad Tully, President of Choice Media, OOH advertising is growing at an astonishing 8.2% increase per year. OOH advertising comes in second to Internet which is growing at a rate of 11% per year.

OOH advertising intrigues me due to the abundant amount of creativity that can be done within this form of advertising. Large audiences can be reached and frequency is at an all time high. Also, the flexibility of creating an advertisement is endless. Lamar Advertising Company is the nation’s leading outdoor advertising firm. Lamar offers a variety of OOH advertising which includes bulletins, posters, digital billboards, buses, and many more. As I surfed their homepage, I’m not surprised they are the leading advertising firm. Their billboards are each unique and creative.

I believe that OOH advertising is endless. Recently, TV and radio are having a difficult time knowing how to target an audience. With DVR and other programs, it is difficult for advertiser’s to find a way to reach their audience. With OOH advertising, driver’s do not have the option of fast forwarding a billboard. It will be very interest to see how this type of advertising will change in the upcoming years. I believe it will only become more successful and potentially by-pass Internet advertising.

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