Super Baugh


Food, Beer, and fun times

The Super Bowl involves food, beer, and fun times. It has evolved into an event rather than just a game. This year, the Raven’s and 49er’s will face each other in Superbowl 2013. Consequently, the head coaches of the two teams are brothers. Anyways, there are many factors that advertiser’s face while deciding whether or not to pay the enormous amount of money that comes along with having an advertisement played during the game.

Why do advertiser’s decide to pay millions for 30 seconds?

According to an article from ABC news, the Super Bowl is the largest TV audience of any year. Last year more than 111 million watched the game. Clearly, advertisers not only get a large audience, but many people tune in primarily to watch the advertisements played during the game. Also, experts believe if a company is able to break through the noise of other advertisements, they will be able to create awareness and differentiate their brand from the others.

Just how much is an advertisement for the 2013 Super Bowl ?

According to a Yahoo article, it will cost up to $3.8 million dollars per 30 second slot for 2013. Yes, I said it. Not to mention the cost of creating the advertisement (which clearly isn’t cheap). Advertisers know this is the perfect opportunity to set themselves apart from other companies. According to an article from USA today, Volkswagen could spend close to $10 million in hopes of creating brand awareness and increase sales. This would be far more than any other single marketing expense on tap for this carmaker in 2013.

The textbook explains that television channels has grown tremendously and has created fragmentation within the media. In this case however I don’t think fragmentation will play a role in the Super Bowl. I believe on February 3, 2013, millions will be tuning into the Super Bowl.

Favorite Super Bowl commercial you ask?


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