Impact of media

Well media as we know it involves countless hours spent watching television, facebooking, texting, and browsing. You name the type of media and I’m POSITIVE there is someone around the world spending the majority of their time using it. Which makes me wonder, what did students like me do with their extra time before TV, cellphones, and computers? When did advertising begin? We are engulfed with different forms of media each day, so much that 230,060 years were spent on social media in just one month. (a little insane if you ask me.) We live in an age where media is impossible to live without, and who knows what the future holds for the world of media.

Before our time, media began through the use of advertising. Believe it or not, advertising began over three thousand years ago by ancient Babylonians and Egyptians. According to the textbook, ancient Babylonians put up posters to make announcements to their local community. Also, graffiti was splashed across the walls of Pompeii and the stone of obelisks of ancient Egypt, delivering the earliest sales promotion messages. Media quickly became successful and slowly evolved into something bigger.

According to an article from Ad Age, the first newspaper advertisement was published in 1704. Media began to grow significantly. Radio, motion picture, computers, and internet all emerged and became a thriving industry for advertisers as well as consumers who use these forms of media. Without these forms of media, advertising simply would not survive. Although the evolution of media has many positive aspects, there are many downfalls as well. According to the textbook, audience fragmentation and media clutter have become two of the biggest challenges. Advertisers are having to come up with more creative ways to set their brand apart from others while continuing to use these forms of media.

Media has changed so much over the years that it is near impossible to predict what the future will hold. I believe it will continue to shape the way we spend our lives. This has many positive and negative aspects however. It worries me at times that younger children will forget what it’s like to be a kid. I remember my fondest memories are playing outside and not relying on the next Facebook comment, text, or Twitter post that comes through my phone. I was innocent and did not worry about media and that’s how it should be, as a kid that is.

Regardless as to how I feel, media will continue to change rapidly and as individuals we must keep up with how media is changing or we will become unconnected with the world we once knew.



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